Guron company profile

position in the industry

We are a new company established in 2015.
"Grön" is a word you hear a lot in Sweden, and it's pronounced gron.
Means "green" in Swedish.
The company name is a tribute to founder and chocolatier Christine Smith's passion for Northern Europe and Oregon, as well as the simple and beautiful benefits of an eco-friendly and green life.

Location (country of origin)

"united states of america"
Gron is a company founded in Northeast Portland, Oregon, USA in 2015.
Head office address here ↓

100 NE Farragut Street
Portland, OR 97211
(971) 279-4754

Here is the location of Oregon.



Designing buildings, making CBD products, and doing presidential work.

Christine moved to Oregon in early 1999. This is the beginning of a career that will last for the next 20 years as an architect. Her husband, Jasper, was the owner of a medical cannabis dispensary. Originally interested in making chocolate, the only thing on the market was a bland baked confectionery with cannabis butter wrapped in cellophane. I launched grön in 2004.
After that, we developed organic CBD oil and long-awaited CBD skin care as CBD products.

While Christine and her crew keep up with Oregon's ever-increasing demand on a daily basis, privately she lives with her husband, Jasper, and their two children, a dog and a cat, two horses, and nine chickens. live happily ever after His home is at Skunk Valley Farm, a certified cannabis farm just outside Portland, where Jasper manages an OLCC Tier II Certified and Clean Green Certified growing facility. The husband and wife work together to consistently perform everything from cultivation to CBD product creation using organic and sustainable farming methods.

story of grön

the dream that triggered

Christine founded grön in 2015 with the hope that chronic pain sufferers could enjoy delicious chocolate.
The company name means green in Swedish, and represents Christine's thoughts on sustainable living in Northern Europe, which she gained through her study abroad experience in Denmark.

Manufacturing for the first time

As a full-time employee at an architectural firm in Portland, Christine spent her free time studying the delicate and esoteric chocolate-making process and fusing it with cannabis oil extract while working with builders and developers on a daily basis. rice field.
Free from outside capital injections and using only socially responsible materials, grön continues to meet the ever-changing Oregon regulations and is the first fully compliant cannabis food processor in the state to be certified by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. and accredited by the Oregon Health Department.

Growing into a leading company in Oregon

In 2016, more than a year before Oregon legalized recreational cannabis, grön was selling chocolate to customers with licenses to purchase medical cannabis.
There are now multiple cacao varieties and flavors available at over 400 dispensaries throughout Oregon.
All grön CBD chocolate products use biodegradable and child-safe packaging.

The CBD Revolution

With grön's success and desire to create more natural pain relief products, Christine will focus on developing products containing CBD and its benefits.
Therefore, we focused on the innovative technology of distilling and separating CBD to 100% purity.
Since it does not contain any THC, everyone can now enjoy the benefits of CBD.

goön quality control

All grön products are handmade and only use fair trade ingredients.
None of our products contain soy lecithin, and whenever possible, ingredients are sustainably sourced locally in Oregon.
We are always mindful of the environmental, social and economic impact of the raw materials we use.

eco friendly packaging

At grön we try to minimize our environmental impact by producing as little waste as possible. We also use plant-derived non-toxic inks.

manufacturing method


An innovative technology that distills and separates CBD to 100% purity.
Since it does not contain any THC, everyone can now enjoy the benefits of CBD.
Grön's CBD is 100% pure CBD and does not contain any of the heavy solvents, toxic substances and pesticides commonly found in cannabis and hemp-derived CBD.
In addition, grön distills and separates CBD to make it 100% pure,
The possibility of including THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and terpenes is zero.

It is called a single CBD.

innovative product


・Contains 1000mg of unflavored CBD
・ Contains 500mg of Lemon Lime CBD
・ Contains 500mg of mint CBD

"Water Soluble Series"

・Contains 500mg of water-soluble unflavored CBD

·skin care

"body cream"

" body balm "

"Clay Mask "

"Face & Neck Cream "

"eye cream"

"hair mask "

Products that many people experience

Water-soluble can be mixed with any drink.

◆ Pets can also be used.
◆For daily skin care.
◆ Rejuvenates the eyes where age is likely to appear.
Why don't you try grön's products too!