The health benefits of CBD have just begun in earnest. However, many CBD users testify that CBD helps them focus. As telework progresses, we are constantly receiving information from various devices and are constantly stimulated. It is difficult to control the stimulus. Sitting for long periods of time in order to concentrate on work is itself a challenge.
Therefore, CBD is attracting attention to improve concentration.

"CBD" is loved by the world's top businessmen, top athletes and actors. It is also gradually permeating Japan.
I would like to describe it from the perspective of "improving concentration and work efficiency" by CBD, which is currently attracting attention from the world's top class.

■ What kind of person (occupation) is it suitable for?

I can't generalize, but according to the information at the moment, it seems that it is more suitable for people who work and play "individually" rather than in teams. Please see what kind of occupations are mainly used by people in the world.

  • trader
  • lawyer
  • tax accountant
  • programmer
  • designer
  • artist
  • Professional gambler (poker, etc.)
  • golf
  • tennis
  • bicycle
  • marathon
  • surfing
  • skateboard
  • martial arts
  • etc...

CBD has become very popular in the golf world in recent years. It is used by many professional golfers such as Bubba Watson and Rickie Fowler to maintain extreme concentration and the mental strength to bounce off pressure, requiring power and delicacy. Did Tiger Woods Use CBD Gum? There are rumors, but it is unknown at this time. We will report as soon as we know.

■ Reasons for increased concentration

It is believed that CBD increases the production of anandamide and more serotonin in the brain, which is why it is said to improve concentration. The more serotonin you have, the less stress and anxiety you feel, so there's a theory that alleviating these two emotions can help you focus. It also has the effect of increasing the concentration of anandamide in the blood, which leads to concentration by increasing the concentration of anandamide in the blood. And so on.

Also, among various articles, there are many comments from users such as "My concentration has improved!" and "Work progresses smoothly!"

■ Timing of use

The timing of taking CBD is said to be effective "a little before" when you start studying or working . When you take CBD and start working, you will feel a little fluffier and weaker. (fluffy state)

And when I realize that I've been working on it for about 10 minutes in that state , I'm concentrating!

As for the feeling, my head is clear, my head spins faster, and I feel like I'm in a concentration zone. It feels like only what's in front of you comes in.

When you want to concentrate on your studies or work , you already feel the effects. It is effective to use it in important situations such as before business negotiations to relieve tension.

Please take it when you want to concentrate on your studies or when you want to stick to your work .


It's hard to be conscious and focused even if you like it. Work isn't always what you love. Even in such a situation, it is the working people and professional salaried workers who are expected to produce results. It is not clear whether various pressures, stress, anxiety, etc. are factors that cause a lack of concentration, and it is uncertain whether CBD will always lead to an increase in concentration, but there are many first-class businesses around the world. It is an undeniable fact that man and top athletes use CBD.

It can be said that it is worth trying once.

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