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position in the industry

Pharmahemp is a long-established company in the CBD industry.

Reliable producer and supplier of top quality cannabidiol (CBD). Providing the finest CBD extracts since 2011.

Location (country of origin)

It is headquartered in Ljublina, Slovenia. Here is the address.

Cesta v Gorice 8
SI – 1000 Ljubljana
Slovenia, Europe

Here is the location of Slovenia. It is a very elegant and beautiful country in Central Europe.

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Pharmahemp Story

1995: The first line of hemp cosmetics.

Our company started in 1965 as a family business called Pharmachem, the first cosmetics company in the former Yugoslavia. In 1995, Next Generation introduced a pioneering line of body care products enriched with cold-pressed hemp oil. It was the beginning of the Extravaganja line, which is still highly sought after.

2015: Premium CBD in every drop.

We know no compromise when it comes to quality. It starts with the selection of locally certified European seeds. Pharmahemp has extensive experience in selecting the right strain for a specific formula with just the right percentage of CBD and other cannabinoids. The precious seeds are then planted in carefully selected fertile soil. To this end, PharmaHemp has revived some of the traditional hemp farms in Slovenia and Croatia. PharmaHemp's environmental awareness and natural resources have made it a strength in producing all-natural, raw hemp that is free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and heavy metals.

Pharmahemp takes great care to maintain the maximum amount of fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other beneficial ingredients throughout the process. To achieve this, we only harvest hemp during specially elected periods. All crops are traditionally harvested by hand. In order to protect the potency of the hemp, it must be dried naturally in an environment below 35°C.
The dried raw material is then pressed into pellets made from a proprietary blend of three genuine European hemp, rich in active cannabinoids.

Pharmahemp quality control

"Supercritical CO2 extraction method" that requires safe and high technology

Top quality and customer safety are the main focus of Pharmahemp. Sophisticated extraction methods are essential to obtain the highest quality oils free of solvent residues and toxins. Pharmahemp utilizes supercritical CO2 extraction using high pressure and low frequency to extract and preserve CBD essence with extreme precision. Beneficial molecules that are often lost in other extraction methods are preserved, resulting in a pure, potent and natural extract.


Pharmahemp is officially certified as a company with good manufacturing practices to manufacture cosmetics based on the global ISO22716 standard. Pharmahemp 's GMP compliance is verified and confirmed by an independent laboratory audit. PharmaHemp ensures that our products are consistently manufactured and controlled according to the highest quality standards with a certified GMP system. In fact, the current PharmaHemp GMP system exceeds the following basic GMP requirements: It is a cosmetic manufacturing and is set up to meet much more stringent requirements such as pharmaceutical GMP. As for our business, we continually strive to improve our quality compliance to ensure that our products continue to meet and exceed regulatory requirements as the industry matures. Through our certification process, we have ensured that all our facilities (warehouses, production facilities) and technical equipment meet the highest GMP pharmaceutical standards.

In-house lab

Pharmahemp works closely with specialized laboratories that subject all products to rigorous testing for purity and toxicology. This demonstrates Pharmahemp's dominance in the CBD market.

Pharmahemp works with the most qualified and best equipped analytical laboratories to inspect and control all stages of production as well as the finished product to meet our high quality standards. All products undergo continuous and rigorous quality assurance, as well as short-term and long-term stability checks. This ensures the consistency of Pharmahemp products and production in compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices and Quality Control) requirements. Pharmahemp values ​​transparency at every step.

Pharmahemp's lab

manufacturing method

Full Spectrum

What is full spectrum?

Full spectrum means "full range" or "full area" . It is said that there are more than 100 kinds of cannabinoids contained in hemp, and it means that the product contains all of the cannabinoids . In addition to cannabinoids, hemp contains terpenes , essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, fiber, protein, chlorophyll, flavonoids , and more.

It is an image like 100% freshly squeezed juice .

innovative product

"Premium Series"

The CBD content percentage is "3%", "5%", "10%", and "15%". The base oil is "olive oil" and "hemp seed oil", and hemp seed has a bitter taste.

"Premium Black Series"

There are CBD content percentages of "6.6%", "12%" and "24%". The base oil is only "olive oil", which is less bitter than the premium series and has a more mellow finish.

It is a CBD oil that is quite popular in Japan with many voices of CBD experience.

"Golden Amber"

This product is for medical use. The CBD content percentage is "20%", "30%", "40%", and "50%". Contains coconut oil and beeswax. It tastes quite bitter and spicy.


Liquid for vaping. (It will be a liquid for suction) It is said that the relaxation effect is high when inhaling the product of the full spectrum manufacturing method.

The content percentage of CBD is "5%". There are 10 flavors.

・Cannabis ・Lime ・Menthol Blue・Vanilla Custard ・Pina Colada ・Tiramisu・Creamy Strawberry ・Green Apple ・Amarena Cherry ・Honeydew Melon

"disposable cartridge"

A cartridge filled with medium concentration liquid for vaping in a dedicated container from the beginning. (It will be a liquid for inhalation) It is said that inhaling a full-spectrum product has a high relaxing effect.

The content percentage of CBD is "40%". There are 5 flavors.

In addition, it does not contain ingredients such as propylene glycol and glycerin, so it has little adverse effect on the human body.

・Gel wax
"High concentration gel wax "

A gel wax made with a full-spectrum manufacturing method that contains a high concentration of CBD 68%. Fill the wax-only atomizer (the head part of the vape) and inhale.
Since it is a completely natural product, it is easy to crystallize (harden) and is suitable for advanced users.

You can experience the relaxing feeling that is the benefit of CBD with a fairly high probability.

"CBD Powder "

99.6% pure CBD crystals. Since it is almost tasteless and odorless, it can be used by mixing it with liquids to increase its concentration, making it easier to feel the effect, or by mixing it with food, oils such as dressings, etc.

*Slightly soluble in water.

Products that many people experience

◆ Pets can also be used.
◆For troubles peculiar to women.
◆Of course for training and daily health maintenance.
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