[Suction device] Low voltage fully automatic pen type battery / Vaporizer / M3 PLUS

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This is CCELL× CHILLAXY's full auto collaboration vape pen .

It is a battery that can be attached to 510 standard cartridges and atomizers.

About product

This is the vaporizer body of the type to be inhaled.

*This product cannot be taken alone.
*Atomizer or cartridge is required separately.

The M3 PLUS is a fully automatic 510 standard vape pen battery recommended by Chiralxy. A collaborative vape pen from CCELL and CHILLAXY, which lead the world's leading cannabis trends. A premium CBD vaping starter kit specifically for CBD vaping.
①CBD, optimal temperature design to taste terpenes. 2. Buttonless simple operation, start immediately just by sucking the mouthpiece 3. Temperature control can be switched with a single switch 4. Compact design that is easy to carry

how to use

① Attach the liquid cartridge to the main unit.
② It will start when you inhale the mouthpiece part of the liquid cartridge.
・By switching the switch on the bottom of the battery, you can adjust the voltage. (L=2.9V / H=3.3V)
・The LED light turns on during suction.
・If you continue to suck for 10 seconds or more, the safety function will start and automatically turn off.
・If the battery level is insufficient, the LED lamp will flash when inhaling.
③ When the battery runs out, connect the included USB charging cable to the USB port on the bottom of the battery to charge it.
・The LED light turns on during charging, blinks 20 times and turns off after charging is completed.

・To use this product, a separately sold 510 standard liquid cartridge (mouthpiece) is required.

Product content

Pen battery body (battery)
Rechargeable 510 standard device (battery)
USB charging cable (Type-C)

Country of origin China
battery capacity 350mAh
・Voltage L=2.9V / H=3.3V
・Charging time about 1 hour
size L86.4 x φ12.0mm
mass 18.8g
  • Please use the atomizer in the correct direction as it may cause leakage.
  • During transportation from overseas, the outer box may be dented, torn, or rubbed, and the product may have minor scratches or dirt. Please be sure to purchase after understanding.
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