[Suction] CBD Vape Pen 5% / Disposable / Blueberry Mint / Blue Heaven / CBD 60mg

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It is a collaboration vape with "CHILLAX" and CBD brand "ChillBear" .

About product

This is the type to be sucked and ingested. It becomes a "vape pen" .

Product features

Supervised both taste and design as a collaboration flavor of Chill Bear and CHILLAX .

CBD content adopts Chill Bear 5%. The taste reproduces the taste of CHILLAX's most popular blueberry mint-like shaff flavor, "Blue Heaven".

Commitment to raw materials

The raw material hemp is non-GMO and grown in a pesticide - free environment . We are importing after doing For business operators, we also present a certificate of import notification of food, etc. based on Article 27 of the Food Sanitation Law. Ingredient inspection, commitment to THC-free In order to manage high quality and safety, we submit ingredient inspections based on third-party inspection organizations to the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare at the stage of importing into Japan . increase. It boasts a high quality of 99% pure CBD as well as 0% THC .

how to use

●Inhale slowly by holding the mouthpiece marked with the mark in your mouth.

●When in use, the LED light at the tip lights up.

●When the LED on the tip flashes and steam stops coming out, the life of the main unit is reached. This product does not contain any THC or nicotine .

- Vape body: Made in China

- CBD liquid: Made in Japan


Blue Heaven: Flavor with hints of blueberry, mint and mist

type vape pen
CBD ratio ( %) Five%
Internal capacity 1.2ml
CBD content 60mg
raw materials

CBD (from industrial hemp stalks)

former country


expiry date Described on the exterior
  • If you feel uncomfortable or feel unwell while using this product, stop using it immediately and consult a doctor.
  • Do not use if you are a minor, pregnant or nursing.
  • If you are going to the hospital, taking medicine, or have a chronic disease, please consult a doctor before using.
  • Disposable type. You cannot charge the main unit or use Alexa for CBD liquid.
  • Never disassemble, repair, or modify this product. Also, do not drop it, subject it to impact, apply excessive force, or place heavy objects on it.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, wetness, near fire and near flammable substances (gasoline, thinner, etc.), and store and use at room temperature (about 25 degrees).
  • Please use in compliance with relevant laws and regulations and public order and morals.
  • Dispose after use according to the instructions and regulations of your local government.
  • If you notice any abnormalities such as damage, liquid leakage, or odor, stop using it immediately.
Guidance from GREEN STORE

The CBD products listed in our shop are produced one by one by the manufacturer, and many of them are made by hand. We respect our intentions, and we hope that customers will understand that as well as the individuality of the product.

However, if the product seems to be defective, please contact the store where you bought it or the GREEN STORE official line within 7 days after purchase.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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