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This is a YOCAN ARMOR wax vaporizer set.

It is a product that includes a 510 standard battery and a wax atomizer.

* 510 standard cartridges are also supported.

About product

This is a compact vaporizer starter kit for professional wax users.
① Three temperature settings are available for vaping CBD wax.
② Powerful battery in a compact design that is easy to carry.
③ Easy coil replacement.

how to use

① Put CBD wax in the coil attached to this product.
② Suck the mouthpiece of the vaporizer body while pressing the start button.
③ When the battery runs out, use the included USB charging cable to charge it.
5 clicks: ON/OFF of the main unit
3 clicks: Output adjustment (1 flashing LED = 3.0 V, 2 flashing LEDs = 3.5 V, 3 flashing LEDs = 4.0 V)
2 clicks: preheat, 2 clicks to release. The 3 LEDs flash 8 times when preheating is complete.
If the LED flashes 10 times, the battery is low.
The LED keeps flashing while charging and stays lit when charging is complete.
・CBD wax (sold separately) is required to use this product.
・If solidified wax adheres to the air flow part, preheat before using.

Protection function

・Safety cut-off: When used continuously for 15 seconds or more, the LED will flash 8 times and the main unit will automatically turn off.
・No coil, no atomizer: LED flashes 3 times ・Short circuit protection: LED flashes 5 times ・Low battery: LED flashes 10 times


black, navy blue

Product content Vaporizer body for rechargeable CBD wax (battery)
Replacement coil (resistance value 0.75 quartz dual coil)
Micro USB charging cable
spoon for cbd wax
Country of origin China
battery 380mAh (built-in)
size 112mm x 14mm / Weight 55g
Material stainless steel, aluminum
  • This product is intended for use by people aged 20 and over.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Empty heating without wax will cause the vaporizer to malfunction.
  • The coil is a consumable item and will affect the taste and amount of smoke, so it will need to be replaced periodically.
  • The main unit may become hot during continuous use.
  • Be sure to fully charge the battery before using it for the first time. Do not use while charging as it is dangerous.
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