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About product

This is a body balm that you apply to your body.

Product features

WARM type Uses citrus essential oils. The citrus scent has anti-aging and relaxing effects.
WARM becomes warm in about 10 minutes from the first application. Recommended before going to bed after taking a bath or before playing sports. In addition,
it is also recommended for when you are tired from long desk work, training and exercise care, skin care before going to bed, and relaxing time.

COOL type Uses essential oils that are also used by luxury brands. It has a luxurious scent. Recommended in the morning before leaving home or after sports. In addition, it is also recommended for when you are tired from long desk work, training and exercise care, skin care before going to bed, and relaxing time.

how to use

Take an appropriate amount and warm it with your body temperature before using. Once the balm has melted into an oil, place it on your skin and blend gently.

Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and relaxing effects with CBD balm
①Antioxidant action
The high antioxidant effect of CBD can be expected to improve the condition of the skin. Applying a balm to your skin can also provide a moisturizing effect, and if it is a product that contains nutrients with antioxidant properties such as vitamin C and vitamin E, you can expect a higher effect.
② Analgesic/anti-inflammatory effect
CBD is said to have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, and applying CBD balm to the skin can be expected to improve stiff shoulders and muscle pain. In addition, there are research reports that CBD has the effect of suppressing the secretion of excess sebum in the skin, so applying CBD balm to the skin may lead to acne prevention.
③Relaxation effect
CBD is said to have the effect of normalizing the “endocannabinoid system (ECS)” of the body adjustment function and adjusting the condition of the body. Ingesting CBD can be expected to have the effect of relaxing, improving sleep, and relieving stress, so it is recommended for people who are frustrated with work or relationships and fatigue due to irregular lifestyle habits.

Preservation method

Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store in a cool, dark place.



type balm
Internal capacity 30ml
CBD content 500mg
raw materials

WARM: Shea oil, beeswax, Tocopherol, vanillyl butyl, cannabidiol, mandarin peel oil, grapefruit peel oil, lemon peel oil

COOL: Shea oil, beeswax, tocopherol, cannabidiol, fragrance

country of origin Japan
  • Check compatibility with skin
  • Observe how your body reacts to CBD
  • CBD balm is used by applying it directly to the skin, so if your skin becomes rough or itchy when using it, stop using it immediately.
  • Try it little by little at first to make sure it suits your skin before using it.
  • It is also important whether the CBD itself is suitable for the body.
  • Please stop using CBD if you feel sick, dizzy, or have any other physical symptoms.
  • If you take any medications on a regular basis, please consult your doctor before using CBD.
Guidance from GReEN STORE

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