[Suction device] Vaporizer / Battery / 510 standard / 3 colors

style: black
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This is an Airistech vaporizer. It is a pen type battery that can be attached to a 510 standard CBD cartridge or atomizer.

About product

This is the vaporizer body of the type to be inhaled.

*This product cannot be taken alone.
*Atomizer or cartridge is required separately.

    how to use

    Press the power button 5 times in succession to turn the power on/off
    It heats up while pressing the power button when the power is on.
    You can change the voltage output by pressing the power button three times in a row when the power is on.

    ・Green = 3.4V
    ・Blue = 3.7V
    ・Red = 4.2V

    Maker Airistech
    Product content PEN BATTERY x 1
    Micro-B type USB cable for charging × 1
    Country of origin China
    battery 350mAh (built-in)
    Material stainless steel, aluminum
    • Please use the atomizer in the correct direction as it may cause leakage.
    • Please turn off the power frequently.
    • When the battery is low, power will not be transmitted even if the voltage is increased. Also, the battery is a consumable item, so it is recommended to prolong its life.
    • If you leave the power on all the time, you may accidentally press the power button, which may cause overheating or an accident, so please be careful.
    • During transportation from overseas, the outer box may be dented, torn, or rubbed, and the product may have minor scratches or dirt. Please be sure to purchase after understanding.

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