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We have realized a design that is minimal and fits in any situation, overturning the image of CBD vape so far.

By adjusting the heating voltage, it becomes a device exclusively for "hu" that can control 3 stages of sucking comfort (kick = stimulation to the throat when sucking) with one button .

About product

  • Battery capacity: 520mAh 3.7V 21-25W Charging time is about 45 minutes and lasts for a day.
  • Equipped with a suction sensor (power turns on just by sucking)
  • Vibration function: Vibrates as an alert to prevent oversucking when you smoke more than 15 times continuously within 10 minutes.
  • Button adjustment function: You can adjust the strength of the kick feeling (sucking comfort) by adjusting the voltage.

how to use

Optional "hu" dedicated pod is required.
Insert the dedicated pod into this product and inhale the mouthpiece of the pod to activate.
When the battery runs out, use the included USB cable to charge it.
battery charging sign
・White: 60% or more remaining
・Green: 30-60%
・Red: 30% or less
* If red flashes 10 times, it is a sign of running out of battery.

*CBD pods are not included with this product. The "hu" dedicated pod is sold separately.
Product accessories
  • body
  • box
  • type-c USB cable
  • Instructions for use
  • warranty
Maker hu
Product content
Main unit, box, type-c USB cable, instruction manual, warranty card
Country of origin Japan
battery 520mAh 3.7V 21-25W (Built-in)
  • This product is intended for use by people over the age of 20.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Running out of liquid in the liquid cartridge can cause empty firing, so please replace it before the liquid is completely gone.
Guidance from GReEN STORE

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