[Eat] CBD tablet / 3 tablets / 3 flavors / CBD 14.3mg per tablet

flavor: 3 mints
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Just chew the tablet in your mouth, let it dissolve for about 20 seconds, and drink. You don't need water, so you can take it quickly anytime, anywhere.

About product

This is a "tablet" that is mainly taken by mouth.

Product features

Under strict quality control in the US factory, CBD extracted from organic hemp is finished in a tablet form. Optimized particles to nano size using patented sublingual dissolution technology. It is a tablet type CBD that has both immediate effect and sustainability.

You can more effectively ingest CBD containing 14.3mg per grain.

No sugar, no preservatives, vegan, and no genetically modified ingredients. The package uses biodegradable plastic derived from sugarcane. Stylish and reliable quality, “TABLETZ” is the new style of CBD.

how to use

Please consume immediately after opening. Take 1 to 3 tablets daily.





Preservation method

Store away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.

type Tablet
CBD percentage ( %) 12%
Internal capacity 3 tablets per case ( 3.6g)
CBD content 43mg
raw materials

Agar, corn, CBD (derived from hemp), D-sorbitol, D-mannitol, DL malic acid, fragrance, crystalline cellulose, adipic acid, sodium citrate, magnesium oxide, citric acid

country of origin united states of america
  • Please keep out of reach of infants.
  • Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Do not take before driving a car or operating machinery as it may cause drowsiness.
  • If you are taking medication, please consult your doctor before use.
  • If it does not fit your body, please stop using it.
  • The package may differ from the photo due to renewal, etc.
  • Due to package renewals, etc., the ingredients and prescription may differ from the description.
  • Package specifications may change without notice.
Guidance from GReEN STORE

The CBD products we handle in our store are produced one by one by one manufacturer, and many of them are made by hand. Therefore, some products may have individual differences such as package exterior and color. GReEN STORE respects the brand's intentions, and we hope that our customers will understand them as the individuality of the product.

We do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer's convenience. However, if the product seems to be defective, please contact the store where you purchased it or the GReEN STORE official line within 7 days after purchase.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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