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All UNBD products are hand-made one by one at domestic cosmetics manufacturing plants.

About product

This is a "bath bomb" to use in the bath .

Product features


The CBD bath bomb "Fem" is a bath bomb that contains naturally derived essential oils of geranium, sage, marjoram and CBD, based on the concept of alleviating "PMS (premenstrual syndrome)" that causes physical and mental disorders. .


The CBD bath bomb "Nenne" is a natural source of lavender, rosewood, and orange, based on the concept of an approach to relaxation and good quality sleep for problems such as insomnia and poor sleep, which cause physical and mental disorders. of essential oils and CBD

    how to use

    Fill the bathtub with 150-200L of hot water, put this product in the hot water, and enjoy the bath! In order to enhance the three effects of CBD, aroma, and bathing, we recommend taking a bath for 20 to 30 minutes at a water temperature of 38 to 40 degrees Celsius 1 to 2 hours before bedtime.



    A unique blend of 100% plant-derived essential oils of marjoram, geranium, and sage, and the terpenes contained in these are said to have effects such as "hormone balance," "sedation," "pain relief," and "relaxation." , these support PMS relief.


    A unique blend of 100% plant-derived lavender, rosewood, and orange essential oils.

    Preservation method

    Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store in a cool, dark place.

    Maker UNBD (unbend)
    type bath bomb
    Internal capacity 140g (1 serving)
    CBD content 200mg
    raw materials

    Sodium bicarbonate (natural baking soda), citric acid, sea salt, glycerin, jojoba oil, cocoyl proline, sage oil, sweet potato flower oil, majorana flower oil, pink clay, dried herbs, CBD (cannabidiol)

    Nenne: Na bicarbonate (natural baking soda), citric acid, sea salt, glycerin, jojoba oil, cocoyl proline, orange peel oil, lavender oil, rosewood wood oil, white clay, dried herbs, CBD (cannabidiol)

    country of origin Japan
    • This product is not edible.
    • If any abnormalities such as rashes or itchiness appear on your skin during or after use, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist.
    • Do not use while pregnant or breastfeeding.
    • Oil may float in hot water, but there is no problem because it is a blended ingredient.
    • Do not use leftover water for washing.
    • Dry herbs and clay are included, so depending on the type of bathtub, there is a risk of clogging the drain or staining.
    • Keep out of reach of infants.
    • Do not store in places with extremely high or low temperatures, high humidity, or in direct sunlight.
    • There is no problem with safety, but since many natural ingredients are used, please use it as soon as possible, regardless of whether it is before or after opening.
    • Although there is no problem with safety, there are individual differences in the color and shape of each product because they are made by hand using a lot of natural ingredients.
    Guidance from GReEN STORE

    The CBD products we handle in our store are produced one by one by one manufacturer, and many of them are made by hand. Therefore, some products may have individual differences such as package exterior and color. GReEN STORE respects the brand's intentions, and we hope that our customers will understand them as the individuality of the product.

    We do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer's convenience. However, if the product seems to be defective, please contact the store where you purchased it or the GReEN STORE official line within 7 days after purchase.

    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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