Have you ever wondered, "What is a CBD herb?"

When you hear CBD, you worry about side effects and whether it is illegal.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain in detail the characteristics of CBD herbs, whether they are legal or illegal, and how to enjoy them.

By reading this article, you can use CBD herbs to live a rich life.

Summary of this article
  • CBD Herbs Are Generally Legal And Enjoyable, But If They Contain THC, They're Illegal
  • If you do not purchase from a safe store, there is a risk.
  • CBD herbs look cool and are highly satisfying
  • CBD Herbs Can Be Enjoyed In Many Ways
  • What are CBD Herbs? | Explain whether it is legal or illegal!

    CBD Herbs

    CBD herbs are dried plants that contain CBD, an ingredient derived from the cannabis plant.

    It is made by reproducing the smoking of cannabis itself, but because it uses herbs that contain cannabis-derived ingredients other than CBD, there are differences in the smell, taste, and effects obtained.

    Known for its psychoactive and non-addictive properties, CBD is attracting attention from the medical, health and beauty industries . However, in Japan, cannabis is prohibited by law as a type of drug, so care must be taken when handling CBD .

    Looking at the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's "About products containing CBD",

    ・It cannot be confirmed that CBD products that contain even a trace amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a component derived from cannabis plants, do not fall under the category of “cannabis,” regardless of whether they are extracted or manufactured from cannabis plants. As a general rule, they cannot be imported. In addition, chemically synthesized THC is regulated as a “narcotic” under the Narcotics and Psychotropics Control Law, so in principle it cannot be imported.

    Quoted from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare: https://www.ncd.mhlw.go.jp/dl_data/cbd/guidecbd.pdf

    As mentioned above, CBD products containing THC are considered “narcotics” and are illegal.

    In addition, CBD herbs have various effects by inhaling them.

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    Disadvantages of CBD Herbs


    Are you wondering what the downsides are to using CBD herbs?

    Some people want to refresh themselves, but they also care about their health, so if possible, they would also like to know if it is good for their bodies.

    Here are some of the cons of CBD herbs.

    Expensive compared to other CBD products

    CBD herbs are more expensive than other CBD products.

    This is because CBD herbs are typically hand-harvested and processed, which increases production costs .

    Also, compared to other products, the effect lasts longer, so it is one of the factors that requires a large amount of leaves to be used at one time. However, CBD herbs can be used for a long time by adjusting the amount of leaves used at one time, so it is also possible to increase cost performance.

    However, it is generally more expensive than other CBD products , so you should consider the cost aspect when using CBD herbs.

    It's dangerous if you don't buy from a store you can trust

    As a disadvantage of CBD herbs, there is a disadvantage that it is dangerous if you do not purchase it from a safe shop.

    This is because some CBD products on the market may contain the illegal ingredient THC. If you purchase such illegal products, you risk being arrested.

    Therefore, it is important to purchase from a reputable retailer, and it is recommended that you purchase from authorized import agents and authorized import dealers.

    If you are a regular import agent, you can purchase with confidence because they have carried out the proper procedures and imported products that have been confirmed as not illegal.

    There are also counterfeit CBD products on the market , so it's important to buy from a reputable store. Be especially careful with personal imports and purchases from individuals, as there is a possibility of purchasing counterfeit or inferior products.

    tar is generated

    As a disadvantage of CBD herbs, there is a disadvantage that tar is generated.

    Tar contains carcinogens that can cause cancer. As soon as it is taken into the body by smoking, it reaches the lungs and is carried throughout the body in the bloodstream.

    Carcinogenic substances carried throughout the body are said to damage genes and cause cancer to develop.

    If you are concerned about this disadvantage, we recommend CBD heating vape or gummies.

    CBD Herbal Benefits


    What are the benefits of CBD herbs?

    Here are some benefits of CBD herbs.

    looks cool

    One of the benefits of CBD herbs is that they look cool .

    Dried leaves have a realistic appearance and can look cool when smoked or used in an evaporator.

    And the beautiful appearance has the power to attract people's hearts.

    For example, even in sports equipment such as golf club irons, cool-looking products are gaining popularity.

    Similarly, the beautiful appearance of CBD herbs can enhance the mood of those who use them .

    very satisfied

    One of the benefits of CBD herbs is their satisfaction.

    CBD herbs are cannabis-free alternatives that contain ingredients such as CBD, CBN and terpenes. Users have rated it as “delicious,” “fragrant,” and “easy to breathe.”

    In addition, the CBD herb has a high degree of overall satisfaction because the leaves are actually burned so that you can feel the weight of the smoke and have a realistic appearance.

    In addition, CBD herbs are even more satisfying because you can feel the weight of the smoke compared to CBD liquid.

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    6 ways to enjoy CBD herbs!

    how to relax

    There are recommended ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD herbs to maximize their effectiveness.

    Here are 6 ways to enjoy CBD herbs.



    Joints can be customized to your liking, so it is recommended that you can adjust the amount of CBD according to your mood and physical condition.

    The method of wrapping the CBD herb into a joint is to fill the rolling paper with the CBD herb, set the filter and roll it like a hand-rolled cigarette.

    To wind the joint, hold the paper between your index and middle fingers so that the crease is on the paper, and hold the filter with your thumb. Next, place the leaves slightly higher than the filter, and use your thumbs and forefingers to spin them around to shape them.

    It is basic to light and inhale, and the point is to inhale smoke in your lungs so that you can feel the effects of CBD more.

    glass pipe

    glass pipe

    Glass pipes are lightweight, durable, and convenient to carry. In addition, it is recommended because you can enjoy the pure taste without inhaling harmful substances when burning.

    I will introduce how to use the glass pipe.

    First, fill a glass pipe with CBD herbs.

    Then use a lighter or similar to heat the CBD herb.

    Finally, place your mouth on the glass pipe and inhale. If you wait too long, the CBD herb will lose its effectiveness, so be careful.

    By using a glass pipe, you can enjoy the pure taste of CBD herbs. Enjoy your CBD herbs while paying attention to the right amount of heat and time to inhale .

    water pipe


    A water pipe is a smoking device that uses water as a filter, allowing you to enjoy a milder feeling than regular smoking. Water pipes, also called "bongs," pass the smoke through water so that you can taste the filtered smoke.

    When using a water pipe, fill it with water first. Pour in enough water to cover the smoke inlet so that the smoke will pass through the water.

    Next, roll up the CBD leaf and stuff it into the set part of the leaf. Filling the bottle with CBD leaves after adding water makes it easier to absorb.

    By using a water pipe, you can enjoy a milder taste. There is also a way to add fragrance to the water pipe by using flavors and alcohol .

    How you smoke can change the taste of CBD herbs, so it's important to find the one that works for you. Especially for people who easily get sore throats or who don't want to strain their throats, water pipes are a recommended way to suck .

    heated vape

    heated vape

    Heated vaping is a method of vaporizing and inhaling CBD herbs using a dry herb device. Unlike regular CBD vapes, we use CBD herbs in cartridges.

    The advantage of the heated vape is that it looks like a cigarette, so it is highly realistic and gives a high level of overall satisfaction .

    In addition, there is no tingling sensation in the throat when inhaling, and you can inhale comfortably while enjoying the refreshing scent of terpenes.

    When using a heated vape, first fill the cartridge with CBD herbs and set the cartridge in the device.

    Connect the device to a power source, set the temperature, and once the device is warm, you can inhale.

    There are some caveats when using a heated vape. Burning papers and leaves may leave a burning smell in the room.

    Also, when inhaling, if the temperature is too high, the smoke will be irritating, so proper temperature setting is necessary.

    Herb tea

    Herb tea

    Herbal tea using CBD herbs can relax with the effect of CBD and the scent and warmth of herbal tea.

    To make herbal tea, boil water, put CBD herbs in a teapot, pour boiling water over and let it steep for 5-10 minutes.

    At this time, if the boiling time is too long, a bitter taste will appear, so be careful.

    You can then adjust the taste by adding honey or lemon if you like.

    Depending on the type of herb and the type of CBD raw material, the taste, aroma, and efficacy will differ , so it will be fun to find the combination that suits you.

    It is also recommended to use CBD herbal tea to stay healthy when your home environment suddenly changes and you spend more time at home.



    CBD herbs can also be enjoyed as incense.

    To enjoy CBD herbs as incense, first choose the scented herb that you like.

    Next, take an incense plate and place your CBD herbs on it. When you light it, smoke comes out and you can enjoy the scent.

    CBD herbal incense also includes CBD herbal incense plus a variety of scents.

    For example, if it is a peppermint scent, you can enjoy a refreshing and refreshing scent.

    Another way to enjoy incense is to consume it after muscle training .

    When enjoying incense, be careful to keep the incense plate in a safe place.

    2 recommended incense for CBD beginners!


    After listening to the story so far, some people may want to actually take CBD herbs.
    However, I think there are some people who say, "I'm a beginner, so I want to know the recommended products."

    Here are two recommended products for beginners on how to use CBD herbs as incense.

    [1st place] [Herb] CBD Herb / Super Lemon Lime / Total Cannabinoids 42% / 2g

    This product is a collaborative product between DR GREEN LABS and THE RYDY'S CBD, a select shop that sells only luxury items that are particularly particular about taste, aroma, appearance, and quality based on the concept of "genuine". is.

    This product is a blend of carefully selected organic herbs, CBD, and terpenes.

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    Recommended for those who have a strong desire for authenticity and naturalness .

    Suitable for when you want to take a short break or when you want to use it at the end of the day.

    [2nd place] [Herb] CBD Herb / Blue Cherry Pie / Total Cannabinoids 42% / 2g

    This product is also a collaboration product of THE RYDY'S CBD and DR GREEN LABS introduced earlier .

    It is a blend of carefully selected organic herbs, CBD, and terpenes.

    In addition, the flavor is blueberry cherry pie, and the scent of sweet blueberry hash and a small amount of pepper match perfectly with the freshly baked sweet and sour tart and cherry pie.

    This product is recommended when you want to take a short break between work or when you want to use it at the end of the day.

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    Are CBD Herbs Illegal? A thorough explanation of the disadvantages and how to enjoy it! |Frequently Asked Questions

    Finally, here are some frequently asked questions about CBD herbs.

    Will smoking CBD herbs make me feel better?

    CBD products sold legally in Japan do not contain THC. Therefore, if it is not regulated, there is basically no problem even if you use it.

    Also, the effects of smoking CBD herbs cannot be generalized, as they vary depending on individual physical conditions and sensitivities.

    I would like to know how to make CBD herbs.

    You can easily make your own CBD herbs by following the steps below.

    • Prepare herbs.
    • Prepare your CBD ingredients.
    • Mix herbs and CBD ingredients.
    • Add terpenes.
    • Thoroughly dry the terpene.

    In addition to hemp, herbs used for CBD herbs include mugwort, moringa, peppermint, St. John's wort, and marshmallow.

    There are several types of CBD raw materials used for CBD herbs on the market, from CBD alone (isolate) to broad-spectrum ones that contain ingredients other than CBD. If you decide to make your own, check the ingredients as well.

    I would like to know your recommendations for CBD herbs.

    Here are two more products that I recommend for consuming CBD herbs.

    Hemp Herb High Grade 3.5g/CBD 1000mg

    "Mao Herb High Grade 3.5g/CBD1000mg" is a CBD herb that contains CBD and CBN, with a CBD content of about 10% and 600mg of CBN.

    It uses natural organic terpene and organic moringa and marshmallow from Okinawa prefecture to reproduce the scent and appearance of cannabis.

    Mao Herb, a professional CBD manufacturer, carefully creates each product one by one, and uses all natural organic ingredients.

    Because it uses terpenes that have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, it is of high quality and you can choose from eight flavors. Recommended for those who want to use their own CBD herbs from various flavors.

    Reference site: https://cbdmaou.theshop.jp/items/43872545


    CHILL MATE's CBD herb joint is a mixture of herbs such as moringa and marshmallow and CBD ingredients that can be lit and smoked like a cigarette.

    Because we are particular about our original blend of organic terpenes, it is known as a high-quality CBD herb that has a realistic suction.

    It is characterized by its ease of use, firm absorption, and fragrance, and is popular with a wide range of CBD herb beginners and advanced users.

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    Are CBD Herbs Illegal? A thorough explanation of the disadvantages and how to enjoy it! |Summary

    Summary of this article
  • CBD Herbs Are Generally Legal And Enjoyable, But If They Contain THC, They're Illegal
  • If you do not purchase from a safe store, there is a risk.
  • CBD herbs look cool and are highly satisfying
  • CBD Herbs Can Be Enjoyed In Many Ways
  • CBD herbs are dried plants that contain CBD.

    CBD herbs, like other CBD products, are basically not regulated by law, but if they contain THC, which is an ingredient of narcotics, it will be illegal, so be careful.

    If you order it from a privately owned store, it will be irreversible if it contains THC.

    Therefore, in order to enjoy CBD herbs safely, be sure to purchase from a safe and reliable store.

    Click here for the CBD mail order site approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare!

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    In addition, there are various ways to enjoy CBD herbs such as incense and glass pipes. There are different attractive elements in each way of enjoying, so it is a good idea to try various things.

    By using CBD herbs properly, you can use them in your busy daily life and enrich your life.


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