Aren't you worried about "Will it become bubbly when using CBN?"

CBN has less information than CBD, so I'm worried.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain the characteristics of CBN, how to choose it, and how to make sweets using CBN.

After reading this article, you will be able to successfully incorporate CBN into your life.

Summary of this article

  • CBN does not cause buri buri
  • CBN is legal and has few side effects
  • CBN should be taken with other cannabinoids
  • Choose your own CBN
  • Introducing recipes for sweets using CBN

When you take CBN, it's buri buri! ? |What is CBN?


CBN (Cannabinol) is one of the three main components in cannabis.

However, CBN is called a minor cannabinoid because it makes up less than 1% of cannabis.

I will explain such a rare cannabinoid CBN.

CBN is extracted from THC

CBN is extracted from a compound called THC, which has a euphoric effect that makes you high and bubbly.

THC is illegal, but as cannabis plants age, the potency of THC halves in about four years.

In 1999, the Department of Pharmacy, University of Mississippi, USA, discovered that CBN increased as THC was oxidized and decomposed.


So the older the cannabis, the less THC and the more CBN.

CBN is extracted by oxidative decomposition using it.

CBN doesn't make buri buri

CBN doesn't get bubbly.

CBN also has unique properties unlike other cannabinoids and works well with other cannabinoids.

For example, by ingesting it at the same time as an ingredient such as CBD, you can get even more effects.

However, because CBN is extracted from THC, it can cause false positives in drug tests.

Therefore, be careful about taking it at the timing when you have to take a drug test and pass it.

In the case of importing by individuals, even CBD may be mixed with THC at a detectable level.

If you want to use products such as CBD safely, it is recommended that you purchase at a store that has a certificate and is licensed by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

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CBN can be taken legally

Although CBN is derived from the euphoric THC, it can be consumed legally.

CBN is basically non-intoxicating and non-addictive like THC.

However, some people feel changes in the body similar to THC, so it cannot be denied that future laws and regulations may make it illegal.

CBN has few side effects

Other than false positives on drug tests, there are almost no downsides.

However, while CBN is more effective than CBD, it may cause drowsiness.

Of course, although there are individual differences, do not drive a car or operate machinery after taking CBN.

The recommended intake timing is before going to bed or when you want to relax.

3 ways to choose CBN products

how to choose

CBN, which is a minor, has little information, so it may be difficult to understand what criteria to choose.

Therefore, this time, we will focus on three points and explain how to select a CBN.

Synergy with CBN! ? |Choose one that contains multiple cannabinoids

When choosing CBN, choose one that contains multiple cannabinoids.

CBN alone does not activate much, but it is said in a 1975 study by IG Carniol et al.


Entourage effect: By ingesting multiple ingredients at the same time, individual effects are amplified, and a higher synergistic effect can be expected.

In other words, by choosing one that also contains other cannabinoids, you can expect further health support through the entourage effect.

CBN is selected by product type

There are various types of products that contain CBN, so be sure to choose the one that suits you.

For example, if you are not good at inhaling types and you are not good at using supplements on a regular basis, oils and gummies are recommended.

On the other hand, if the suction type is good and you don't want to spend time, we recommend cartridges.

Choose CBN according to the scene you want to use

Finally, let's choose the scene where you want to use CBN.

If you want to use it for relaxing time, we recommend CBN oil, which has a long effect time and begins to work slowly.

Also, if you want to enjoy it with everyone, it is good to use a liquid that gives quick results.

Since the liquid is ingested from the capillaries of the lungs, it takes effect quickly.

Before commuting or during lunch, it may be good to take it easily with gummy etc. to concentrate.

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2 points to note when using CBN!


CBN has few side effects, but you may want to be careful when driving or taking medications.

I will explain in more detail.

Be cautious when driving after taking CBN

Be cautious about taking CBN before driving.

Consuming CBN before driving won't get you caught, and unlike THC, it won't get you high, but it does have some drawbacks.

Because it is extracted from THC, it is said to be 10 times less psychoactive.

In rare cases, low blood pressure, diarrhea, and abdominal pain may interfere with driving.

Of course, there are individual differences in everything, so I can't generalize, but you need to be careful about taking CBN before driving.

Athletes need to be careful with CBN intake immediately before

Athletes who must undergo drug testing should be careful with their CBN intake.

Of course, it does not contain THC, so although it is a false positive, it will give a positive result.

If a positive test is given, the athlete may not be able to participate in the target competition, so it may be good to refrain from taking it for around 24 hours.

You can make sweets with CBN! ? |3 recommended recipes


If you can make your own original food containing CBN, it will be even more fun to consume it.

Therefore, I will introduce how to make sweet and delicious sweets that are easy for anyone to make.

simple and easy chocolate scones



Hot cake mix・・・200g

Butter with CBD oil 50g

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Chocolate ... 1 piece (you can make it with your favorite chocolate bar, but we recommend this one)

[Eating] CBD + CBN Mellow / CBD55mg / CBN25mg / Strawberry Chocolate Bar

〇How to make

1. Chop chocolate to desired size

2. Put the hot cake mix in a bowl, add the softened butter and mix well.

3. Add milk and chopped chocolate bar

Four. At the end, put it together by hand and place it on a baking sheet lined with an oven sheet.

Five. Shape lightly into a round shape and cut into 8 equal pieces with a knife.

6. Arrange them properly, bake in the oven at 170 degrees for about 20 minutes, and it's done!

The number of ingredients is easy to understand, but if you get used to it, you may want to adjust it to your liking.

It is also attractive that you can eat it without getting your hands dirty because it is perfect for a little gap time or snack time.

It is recommended to incorporate it into your relaxation time.

The ingredients and process are simple and easy! Chocolate crunch with CBN

chocolate crunch


Chocolate...50g (same amount as oatmeal)

[Eating] CBD + CBN Mellow / CBD55mg / CBN25mg / Milk Chocolate Bar

Oatmeal ... 50g (same amount as bar chocolate)

〇How to make

1. Coarsely chop the chocolate bar

2. Heat the chocolate bar in hot water (*Do not heat it while the heat is on.)

3. Put the oatmeal in a frying pan, heat it over medium heat, and dry roast it for 3-4 minutes while stirring gently.

Four. When lightly colored, remove from heat and mix with hot water-bathed chocolate.

Five. Scoop it out with a tablespoon spoon and line it up on an oven sheet (*Please note that it will harden over time)

6. Chill in the fridge for about 30 minutes until it hardens and it's done!

The ingredients are really simple, just prepare equal amounts of oatmeal and chocolate.

What's more, it's easy to make even for children because it's just a matter of boiling it in hot water, mixing it, and cooling it down to harden it.

If you shape it with a spoon, it would make a great gift.

Moist and elegant! Gateau chocolate with CBN

Gateau chocolat

[Eating] CBD + CBN Mellow / CBD55mg / CBN25mg / Milk Chocolate Bar
Butter with CBD・・・120g
Granulated sugar・・・40g
Eggs・・・3 pieces

〇How to make

1. As a preparation, preheat the oven to 180 degrees and put an oven sheet on the mold.

2. Roughly chop the chocolate and butter

3. Put 2 in a hot water bath

Four. add granulated sugar

Five. Add the beaten egg in about 3 batches

6. Put in the mold and bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes

7. When the heat is removed, cool it in the refrigerator for about 2 hours and it will be completed!

The ingredients are very simple and you can make a moist gateau chocolate.

However, it will take more man-hours than the previous two, so let's make it when you have time.

Combined with CBD coffee, it will produce the finest relaxing time.

6 recommended products from CBN!

Product introduction

Here are 6 recommended products for those who want to enjoy CBN but want to take it easily.

[Recommended product.1] [Drink] CBN oil 3% / CBN oil / CBN 300mg

CBD products

It is an oil made only with natural ingredients made by mixing only raw CBD and olive oil, which contains 3% of the rare cannabinoid CBN as the main ingredient.

In addition, it contains cannabinoids and terpenes other than CBD, so you can take it in a different sense than CBD single oil.

Since it is a drinkable type, you can dissolve it in coffee or tea and drink it.

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[Recommended product.2] [Suction] CBN cartridge 50% / total cannabinoids 90% / 3 flavors / CBN 500mg

CBD products

A cartridge containing 50% CBN distillate and 40% CBD distillate (CBN.CBC.CBD.CBDV).

Cigarettes contain nicotine and tar, but this product is recommended because it can be inhaled with "non-nicotine and non-tar".

You can also choose the flavor from Aussie Kush, Super Lemon Heads, and Natural depending on your mood.

\Non-nicotine and non-tar! /

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[Recommended product.3] [Suction] CBN cartridge 40% / CBD20% / 4 flavors / 1.0ml / CBN400ng

CBD products

Original CBD extracted from organic hemp (USDA 100% ORGANIC certified), planned and manufactured in California.

This product comes in four flavors: Grand Daddy Purple, Skittles, Do-Si-Dos, and Bubba Kush.

In particular, Do-Si-Dos has a fruity taste with an earthy smell, so it is recommended for those who like the plant feeling.

\Fruity & botanical feeling! /

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[Recommended product.4] [Eat] 10 CBD candies / Motto totonou / Ginger lemon flavor / CBD200mg / CBN25mg

CBD products

It is a ginger-lemon-flavored candy-type product that is easy to eat.

It's a candy, so it's better to lick it and melt it rather than chewing it.

Also, CBD can be troublesome to take out, but since it is subdivided, it is good for going out to saunas, camping, clubs, festivals, etc.

\ refreshing lemon! /

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[Recommended product 5] [Eat] CBD Gummies / 50 tablets / High Potential Gummies / CBD1450mg / CBN50mg

CBD products

It is a gummy with a refreshing fruit flavor.

It's a chemical color that reminds me of America, and the shape is cute with a bear shape.

It has a soft texture, but chew it well and roll it around in your mouth as you eat.

The recommended daily intake is 1 to 3 tablets.

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[Recommended product.6] [Suction] CBD cartridge 80% / 12 flavors / total cannabinoids 800mg

CBD products

This product is made from hemp concentrate CBD distillate, CBN, and CBG.

In order to adjust the viscosity, terpene is used, and it is made with particular attention to the flavor when vaporized.

You can enjoy 12 flavors, which is the largest number among those introduced, so it is recommended for those who want to enjoy various tastes.

\Rich flavors! /

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Does taking CBN make you bubbly? Introducing recipes for sweets using legal CBN! |Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about CBN, which we hope will be helpful to you.

Does CBN have psychoactive effects?

According to the Japanese Society of Clinical Cannabinoids, CBN is said to have about 1/10th of the psychoactive effects because it is extracted from THC.

However, since CBN is a rare cannabinoid with a very small amount that can be extracted, sufficient research has not been conducted.

Therefore, more details and new effects may be revealed in the future.

What is the difference between CBN and CBD?

The difference between CBN and CBD is their rarity and how they work in the body.

For more details, check out this article.

Does taking CBN make you bubbly? Introducing recipes for sweets using legal CBN! |Summary

Summary of this article

  • CBN does not cause buri buri
  • CBN is legal and has few side effects
  • CBN should be taken with other cannabinoids
  • Choose your own CBN
  • Introducing recipes for sweets using CBN

CBN is legal and will not be bribery.

CBN products can be expected to support further health functions by ingesting them with other cannabinoids.

Also, you can cook using CBN products, so if you want to add some extra effort and enjoy it, why not try making it?

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