This time, we would like to introduce PharmaHemp's disposable cartridges for those who have been using inhaled CBD products such as CBD liquid but have recently lost their sense of it . I would like to explain where the relaxing feeling that you can't imagine from the natural flavor comes from.

First of all, I will explain the difference between "liquid" and "cartridge" .

The difference between "liquid" and "cartridge"


Translated into Japanese, it means "liquid".

In VAPE, the flavored liquid is called "liquid". CBD liquids are often sold in containers of 10ml to 30ml, and there are many flavors such as grass, fruity, and sweets.

[CBD content] Less. CBD content less than 20%.


The content of the cartridge is also "liquid", but it is sold in a state filled with an atomizer for suction.

The advantage is that there is no troublesome filling, and it can be inhaled as soon as it is attached to the vaporizer.

[CBD content] A lot. Over 30% CBD content.

*The cartridge is a disposable type. Liquid filling is not possible.

The reason why there are many high concentration cartridges is that terpenes (raw materials used in flavors) and CBD are easy to separate and crystallize due to temperature changes and long-term storage, and the higher the concentration, the more they separate and crystallize. tends to be easy.

*As shown in the photo above, it may harden even if it is left in the atomizer.

Therefore, if you sell a highly concentrated e-liquid in 30ml, it will often separate and crystallize, so we sell it as a cartridge with a small amount of 0.5ml or 1ml filled in the atomizer.

Therefore, both the liquid and the cartridge are the same "CBD liquid" .

3 Reasons Why PharmaHemp Cartridges Experience

(1) High-concentration product

Contains 400mg of CBD per 1ml. Generally, it is said that 10mg of CBD has some noticeable effects. It contains 400mg of CBD.

② Full spectrum products

Ingredients in full-spectrum products include naturally occurring cannabinoids in addition to CBD.

  • CBC (Cannabichromene)
  • CBG (cannabigerol)
  • CBN (cannabinol)
  • CBV (Cannabidivarin)

Others include terpenes , flavonoids, aldehydes, ketones, vitamins, fatty acids, trace minerals and proteins.

This means that full-spectrum products contain many cannabinoids from undiluted sources .

(3) Entourage effect

Full-spectrum products contain many cannabinoids derived from the undiluted solution, as well as terpenes , and are said to have a synergistic effect that is easier to experience than CBD products alone.

This synergistic effect is called the “entourage effect” .

In particular, terpenes work synergistically by ingesting them together, and the idea is that a higher effect can be obtained than the sum of the individual cannabinoids.

Product features

·Japan limited

Although it is a product of PharmaHemp (country of origin: Slovenia), high-concentration CBD cartridges are only available in Japan.

・510 standard

PharmaHemp uses 510 standard cartridges. Please prepare a 510 standard vaporizer battery .

・PG.VG not used

Without PG (Propylene Glycol) VG (Vegetable Glycerin)
A new CBD liquid with natural ingredients.

Flavor characteristics

*The name of the flavor is the name of the cannabis plant variety. The flavor of each breed is reproduced using terpenes.

  • Gelato

It is a flavor that mixes a refreshing scent with a gorgeous scent like an air freshener. It has a slightly sweet taste, and is recommended for those who like gorgeous flavors such as aroma . Please use it for refreshment and relaxation.

  • Blueberry gum

The base has a refreshing citrus scent, but it also has a moist gum-like sweetness and an earthy taste.
Recommended for those who like a strong kick like "mango kush"! The earthiness remains, so you can enjoy a different natural flavor from Amnesia.

Recommended to use before sleep.

  • Amunesia
The original scent of hemp is strong and has a refreshing citrus scent. Many people describe it as a lemongrass-like flavor.

It has bitterness and strength in its freshness, and brightens your mood.

By the way, the word "amnesia" is derived from the classical Greek word "amnesia", which means "amnesia" . It contains the creator's desire to forget bad things with happy memories. Recommended for those who purchase PharmaHemp cartridges for the first time.

  • Mango Kush

A refreshing scent that penetrates and a fruity scent that lingers afterwards . It's also slightly earthy. It has the heaviest feel among the PharmaHemp cartridges. It is a flavor with a strong " kick feeling ". This strength instantly leads to relaxation.

  • Grape Stomper

A fruity scent like grape in the scent of hemp remains in the mouth. The scent is catchy, so you won't get tired of it even if you inhale it repeatedly, and the exquisite sweetness will relax your mind and body. Please use it for relaxation.

* Overall, there is a feeling of tingling in the nose and throat. If you have a sore throat, try it while drinking water.

There may be slight variations in color depending on the terpene used, but variations in color are normal. Please rest assured that it is not a quality defect. Also, the color will darken a little as you continue to use it, but don't worry, this is a normal change.

If you feel that the taste is a little strong, you can adjust it. Enjoy your favorite concentration.

CBD heavy users also experience

Best Selling CBD Product!!

To the state where it is clear while being relaxed!

The scent alone is enough to put me to sleep...lol

By all means, everyone Experience CBD with PharmaHemp cartridges.


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