CBD is showing explosive spread all over the world, but which CBD products are you using? GReEN Store definitely recommends PharmaHemp.

It's sudden... isn't PharmaHemp's oil drop "hemp seed oil" too bitter?

Recently, there are more products that are easy to drink, so once again, isn't " PharmaHemp's hemp seed oil" too bitter?

CBD oil is mainly based on olive oil, hemp seed oil, and coconut oil (MCT oil).

This hemp seed oil based one is just bitter.

--but. This "bitterness" is the "peculiar taste of hemp". It is the original "taste of the material" that can be said to be the unique taste of organic products. It is a taste that people who are highly conscious of beauty and health like to consume. I don't like bitterness, but I like organic tastes better than scientific ones.

So this time, I tried to find a way to take CBD deliciously without (almost) the bitterness of PharmaHemp CBD drops hemp seed oil !

● Sayonara bitterness! 10 selections of arrangement verification to take bitter CBD deliciously

No.1 Honey

First of all, my favorite arrangement, "Honey"

This time, I decided to add "organiCBD honey stick".

*This honey stick is a CBD product and contains 5g of CBD per stick.

⚫️Review (Personal impression)

I don't feel the bitterness at all! I got addicted to this. I think it's definitely a favorite way to take it, except for people who aren't good at sweets. After this, I also tried commercial honey, but the result was the same. There is almost no hemp smell or bitterness, and it is basically a honey taste with a slight bitterness in sight. Honey is a recommended intake method because it is easy to keep under the tongue. I'm sorry for verifying it, but since one honey stick can't be used for a long time, I recommend open-type commercially available honey.

No.2 Vanilla ice cream

The next arrangement is "Vanilla Ice"

I will try it with "vanilla ice cream" in a summery cup. I hear that dairy products eliminate odors, so let's verify it.

Pour a drop over vanilla ice cream and enjoy.

⚫️Review (Personal impression)

The moment you put it in your mouth, the bitterness of hemp seeds hits you. (Because it's not mixed) But after that, the vanilla ice cream will erase the bitterness and smell. It's really bitter for about 3 seconds and I don't feel it after that. However, I didn't feel the need to eat together. It's difficult to keep it in your mouth, so we recommend eating vanilla ice cream on its own . If you eat vanilla ice cream to counteract the bitter taste in your mouth after taking CBD, then yes.

No.3 Tomato Juice

The next arrangement is "tomato juice" (by the way, I'm not good at it)

Tomato juice is also used for cooking, it seems to go well with oil, and above all, it seems to be good for your health, so I chose it.

I tried 3 drops of CBD oil.

As you can see, tomato juice is so thick that CBD oil doesn't mix well. Be sure to mix before drinking.

⚫️Review (Personal impression)

I'm not good at tomato juice, but it's very delicious. (Because it's Kagome?) I can hardly feel the bitterness or smell of CBD. Tomato juice with CBD It's so delicious that it seems to be popular. However, the aftertaste gave me a slightly grassy smell, like when I ate the stem of a tomato. To put it simply, it feels fresh. This is going to be my new morning routine. The fact that the tomato juice isn't smooth makes it easy to keep in your mouth. (It's tough for a minute, but...) Then I added 10 drops of CBD and drank it again, and it didn't taste bitter at all. For those who can drink tomato juice, it is a recommended intake method.

No.4 Baby Cheese

The next arrangement is "Baby Cheese". This is easily available at convenience stores. (processed cheese)

Following tomato juice, we chose cheese that seems to go well with arranged dishes or just as it is.

⚫️Review (Personal impression)

I dropped a drop and tried biting as it was. Just like vanilla ice cream, the bitterness attacked me because I just dripped it on top, but when I ate it, the cheese neutralized it and the bitterness disappeared in about 3 seconds. The compatibility is outstanding, and it is rather delicious as it is more salty than eating cheese as it is. It might have been a gem if the base oil was olive oil instead of hemp seed! It might be even more delicious if you sandwich it with French bread. This is also recommended!

No.5 Yogurt

The next arrangement is "Yogurt (Oikos)".

I'm a little scared to mix it up, so I scoop it up with a spoon and add a drop of CBD to it.

⚫️Review (Personal impression)

Contrary to expectations, it does not eliminate bitterness at all.

On the contrary, it's bad... It feels like we are killing each other. Maybe Oikos yogurt wasn't a good choice. Bulgarian yogurt could have been better. Completely my choice mistake. It's bad anyway. It tasted a little disgusting. After that, I had a delicious yogurt alone without mixing CBD. I don't want to have this meal combination again.

No.6 Potato

The next arrangement is "Jagariko (salad)".

I will try it with the popular snack "Jagariko" for both men and women. (Maybe I just wanted to eat...)

I'm going to put a drop of CBD oil on Jagariko, which everyone knows. It didn't soak in more than I thought.

⚫️Review (Personal impression)

bitter. It feels bitterer than usual! It doesn't taste good at all!!

Above all, the worst thing is that "Jagariko" is hard, so you have to chew it firmly, but the bitterness does not disappear at all, so the bitterness increases. Absolutely none. This eating combination is absolutely nothing! After that, it goes without saying that I devoured Jagariko alone.

No.7 Cookie (butter type)

The next arrangement is "Cookie".

In America, the home of cookies, you can expect them to be kneaded into the dough and baked.

Add 3 drops of CBD oil. (It looks like a little face w)

Taking advantage of the experience so far, I will sandwich it this time.

⚫️Review (Personal impression)

Is it so different when sandwiched? It's hard to feel the bitterness. However, the cookies are also hard, so you will feel a little bitterness when you bite into it, but the bitterness is only for a moment, and after that, it blends with the oil of the cookie and becomes a mellow taste unique to cookies with a lot of butter and eggs. I recommend it for the taste, but I can't deny the feeling! Cookies of this size can be sandwiched, but larger cookies may be difficult to eat. It's worth the challenge.

No.8 Cookie (chocolate chip)

The next arrangement is "cookie (chocolate chip)".

It's a cookie again, but I hear that it goes well with chocolate, so chocolate chip cookies would be delicious, wouldn't it? I thought about it and tried it.

Also add 3 drops of CBD oil.

It's hard to tell because it blends well with chocolate chips, but I'm definitely using 3 drops.

⚫️Review (Personal impression)


The taste is so subtle that I want to make no comment. The bitterness barely disappears, but the compatibility with chocolate chips is the worst. I wonder if it doesn't fit with the oil of chocolate chips? It's bitter while it's slimy in your mouth. I just said "it's not delicious" rather than bad. You may not need to try. A different chocolate chip might have yielded different results... but it's subtle.

No.9 Garbo (Chocolate)

The next arrangement is "Garbo (chocolate)".

Chocolate chips were a failure, but what about pure chocolate products?

This is also assimilated, but I'm dripping 3 drops of CBD oil.

⚫️Review (Personal impression)

Since it is not mixed, the bitterness is noticeable for a while, but the bitterness subsided after 5 seconds. I felt a bitter taste after eating it, probably because it was ``black'' instead of milk.

It is a feeling that said neither possible nor impossible. I didn't think it was necessary to try it, but I think the compatibility with chocolate was better than with chocolate chips. If you cook chocolate with sweets, it may be an ant if you mix it when making it.

No.10 Soup (Clam Chowder)

The next arrangement is "soup (clam chowder)".

This product contains pasta, so if you're a girl, it's good for breakfast or lunch.

I was afraid to mix it all up, so I scooped it into a spoon and added 3 drops of CBD oil.

⚫️Review (Personal impression)

Sorry I made you wait!

It's a big hit. It's so delicious!!

It's more delicious than eating normally. Does it go well with shellfish? Does it go well with seafood? Does it fit because it's clam chowder? Anyway, it's delicious enough to get a little excited. It would be great if you could take CBD oil so deliciously.

It is a gem that everyone should try. Even if you don't like clam chowder, I think any cream soup will suit you.

I got into the mood and tried dripping 10 drops.

Is delicious. Almost no bitterness or odor. Rather, it adds depth to the flavor and is really delicious.

This is a big success.

Thank you for reading to the end.

What did you think?

" 10 selections of arrangement verification to take bitter CBD deliciously"

Did you find it helpful?

Some people may not have taken bitter CBD in the first place, but if you happened to buy CBD and are struggling with it, please try it. I would appreciate it if there was even one arrangement that you would like to try. In particular, the author's "recommended" arrangements are "honey", "tomato juice" and "clam chowder".

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